Vintage Farmstead

Vintage Farmstead

Mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all? The Vintage Farmstead Collection! This collection was curated by yours truly Carol. As I put this collection together I wanted to introduce Vintage to Farm. My heart belongs to the love of the farm but my soul speaks vintage. Together the two unite as one to bring you this unique yet lovely collection.

From barn door panels to the vintage dairy milk cans this collection is sure to set the tone and take you to a vintage inspired farmstead.

In this collection I put together my passions and curated my ensemble of Vintage Farmstead Living.
My inspiration is yours to easily decorate and infuse into your home.

I encourage you to take the leap and meet my passions and welcome Vintage Farmstead Living. My collection is simple yet functional in any home.

Do you love your vintage items at home, well let me help you introduce them to our Vintage Farmstead collection as the two will compliment each other in your home for a unique yet stylish touch.

I hope this collection will not only inspire you but will reignite your passion of vintage meets farm into your home.

Happy Shopping!